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Woodland Hills Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaners

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A popular question with many Woodland Hills homeowners is about the benefits of weekly swimming pool cleaning. For folks with pools in their backyards the thought of hiring professionals to manage their swimming pool and spa comes up often. Keeping water clean and safe for swimming plus also making sure equipment is running properly is vital.

Below are 10 benefits to buy lasix online uk because it’s best to keep your pool looking its best and your equipment running longer without repairs.

Woodland Hills Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning Benefits

10 Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning Benefits

  1. Regular Maintenance Schedule
  2. Keeps Pool Looking Great
  3. Safe Swimming Conditions
  4. Extend Equipment Life
  5. Balanced Water Chemistry
  6. Professional Pool Maintenance Tips
  7. Many Hours of Time Saved
  8. Save Money
  9. Protects Your Investment
  10. Cut Health Risks

Consistent Weekly Pool Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your swimming pool system in its best shape is also having a regular cleaning schedule.

Great Looking Swimming Pool

Hiring professionals each week for maintenance also keeps your swimming pool always looking its best.

Safe Water Conditions

When experts do the cleaning weekly no need to worry about algae growth or other unsafe swimming conditions that are unhealthy.

Extend Pump, Filter, Heater Lifespans

An expert aquatic technician will inspect pumps, filters and water heater on a regular basis helping prevent repairs due to neglect.

Balanced Water Chemistry

With a weekly pool service comes regular water chemistry balancing. This means the water will also be safe for swimming.

Pool Maintenance Tips and Advice

With professionals handling the cleaning, this also means homeowners get tips and advice on how they can also help buy lasix online usa.

Save Time

It takes a lot of time each week to properly clean and support swimming pools and equipment. A professional company will give that time back to you to also use on more important things.

Money Savings

Having a having a trained eye inspect and look over your equipment on a regular basis means catching problems before they occur. This will help cut unnecessary equipment replacement and repairs.

Investment Protection

By extending the lifespan of your swimming pool and its entire system you’re helping protect your investment.

Reduce Health Risks

It’s easy to get sick or ill when swimming in a pool that’s not properly maintained each week. Having an expert do the weekly maintenance also cuts health risks.

Expert Weekly Pool Maintenance Woodland Hills

For folks that have done the work on their own also needing to free up time, we’re here to lend a hand. For more information about residential swimming pool cleaning or weekly services contact one of our Woodland Hills experts today at 818-825-0106.

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Pool safety for children is on everyone’s mind as the weather gets warmer and the days go longer. We all love swim season, especially kids. But, swimming pools are a danger to families, especially those with infants and toddlers around. We make safe swimming for children a priority, and we’re sure you do, too.

Pool safety for children is the top priority

How safe is your swimming pool for young swimmers? We safeguard our homes with alarm systems and secure locks on windows and doors. Our cupboards and low surfaces are child-proofed. And we make sure our cars have working seatbelts, airbags and child restraint seats. Have you taken the same care with your backyard splash zone?

Don’t be a drowning death statistic

Do you know the statistics of pool drowning deaths with young children? can you buy lasix over the counter that an average of 5 people who die from drowning are children 14 years and younger. 67% of swimming pool drowning deaths involved children younger than 3 years of age. And, for every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries. Swimming pool drowning deaths is the number one cause of unintended death for children the ages of 1 and 4.

No one wants their family as part of those statistics, nor the young children in their lives. Don’t worry though, there are things we can all do to prevent swimming injuries and fatalities for our children. Most are simple and low-cost, while others are a bit more expensive. But, there is no price to put on child safety.

Pool Safety for Children Tips

Top Tips for pool safety for children in Woodland Hills

  • Barrier Gates – mesh fences, removable rubber or textile panels for homes where young kids (like grandchildren) visit but don’t live at are just some of the options to keep young children away from the water between supervised fun.
  • Pool Rules – follow suit with public pools and apartment/condo swimming areas and post rules for backyard swimming and by the pool enjoyment. Be sure to enforce those rules, too.
  • Arm’s length from small children. Toddlers and infants should never be further than your reach when in the water. At all times.
  • No swimming alone under 14 years of age. It is tempting to let kids play in the pool while you are inside doing other things, but it does not take long for an accident to happen. What if someone couldn’t get outside to help in time?
  • No running. A little water on the perimeter is all it takes for slipping and injury. Beyond your posted house pool rules, enforce this rule even when the pool isn’t in use.
  • Keep away from drains and filters. Both can entrap smaller people with the suction they create. Be sure to keep children away to avoid any kind of accidental entrapment or drowning.
  • can i buy lasix over the counter – to check the safety and chemical levels in and around the water will make sure that everything is healthy, clean, and safe.

We hope these tips for Woodland Hills pool safety for children help you ready your pool for the upcoming swim season. Start it off the right way and create safer backyard fun for your children, grandchildren, and other small friends in your Woodland Hills neighborhood. If you have further questions or would like to schedule servicing and a safety check for your pool call Pool Services today and set-up an appointment. We’re here to help.



Swimming Pool Money Saving Woodland Hills

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Here are great residential swimming pool money-saving tips our Woodland Hills pool service experts recommend for 2018. Many folks like to set new goals around the home for the new year but what about the swimming pool? Put some money back in your pocket this year with these ideas.

Residential Swimming Pool Cost Saving Woodland Hills

Residential Swimming Pool Money Saving Ideas

  1. Is the pool pump you have an older one-speed model? If so look at the DWP’s pool pump replacement program. They have rebates of $500 and $1,000 for single-family homes that upgrade and replace their old one-speed pump with an energy-saving variable speed pump. Save up to $90 operating costs!
  2. Pool filter run times are a big part of cheap lasik surgery singapore. Bet setting them to run at night during off-peak hours will really help slash running costs.
  3.  Swimming pool covers reduce water evaporation which means fewer times adding water to the pool. Another nice thing about having a cover is it protects debris from entering the pool. Stormy weather puts more than enough leaves and dirt into the water which puts stress on cheap lasik surgery in dubai and pumps.
  4. Clean the baskets often to get rid of leaves and debris build up. Over time clogged basket puts a bad strain on motors which makes them fail at times. Best to check filters a few days weekly. Over time this makes equipment last longer with fewer repairs.
  5. Swimming pool heaters are costly to run. Consider solar instead of gas or electric. Big savings when used when the sun is out which is often in Woodland Hills.

Woodland Hills Swimming Pool Services

Swimming pools take money and time to make sure they stay safe, clean and able to use. We hope some of these tips will keep you swimming all year round for less money. If you would like to know more about our Woodland Hills area swimming pool services call us today.


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Hurry up DWP swimming pool pump rebates for 2017 are ending soon. Single-family homes in Woodland Hills that still have an old one-speed pump installed get a $1000,00 rebate when having a certified aquatic technician upgrade your pool pump. The new models that qualify run at variable speeds which means they don’t work as hard as the old pumps. This saves the homeowner lots of money when it comes to electricity costs for the year.

DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebates Woodland Hills CA

Who qualifies for the cheap lasik eye surgery philippines? Any single family home with an old one-speed pump qualifies. For the huge $1000.00 rebate purchasing and installing the new variable speed pump is by a verified pool technician. Requires taking a pic of the old unit to prove its an old pump and motor being replaced. New pumps also need set by the aquatic technician to the only rub between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m. These are off-peak hours where demand for electricity is less compared to the other hours of the day.

There is a 2nd rebate valued at $500.00 and to qualify for this a pool’s owner purchases a new qualifying multi-speed pump and installs it on their own. For the $500.00 rebate, DWP does not need a cheap lasik eye surgery cost.

2017 DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebates End Dec. 31st

  • Residential in-ground pools only
  • Must switch one-speed pump to variable speed
  • Picture proof of current one-speed pump required
  • Pump purchased & installed by certified aquatic technician
  • Must run during off-peak from 8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m

Let our aquatic technicians help you save $1000 by buying and installing your new pool pump. It really is that easy. Once the new pump installed DWP will offer the rebate check and you also will have an energy-efficient variable speed pool pump. to find out more about rebates in the Woodland Hills area call us today.


Basic Pool Cleaning Services for Woodland Hills Homeowners

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Basic pool cleaning services for Woodland Hills homeowners is an affordable choice for the Fall Season. Swimming pool maintenance is top of mind during the heat of the Summer months. Outdoor parties with family and friends diving in and splashing help to keep your attention on your backyard friend. It is easy to think about sparkling clear water when there are brightly colored blow ups floating on its surface. But, the weather is changing, shorter days, and those inflatable toys are starting to deflate. Everywhere you go Fall is what folks are talking about, from pumpkin lattes to jack-o-lanterns and that new sweater line. Fall has arrived.

Here in the Valley, though hot days are still a thing, no matter what the Holiday decor is on the front lawn. Taking an off-season dip in the clean water is still an option.

And even when it isn’t on the to-do list, swimming pools still need regular service and maintenance.

Basic Pool Cleaning Woodland Hills Services


We have 5 Fall solutions that basic pool cleaning services and maintenance programs can offer.

5 Fall Solutions from Basic Pool Cleaning Services

  1. Basic pool cleaning services are available all year round. They are affordable for the off-season months. Clean water, clear and free of wind and seasonal change debris, and checkup’s on filters and motors will be yours.
  2. Summer to Fall brings along more than just weather changes. Chemical levels change when both temperature and use alters. Water evaporation in the hotter months requires more chemicals. You need fewer chemicals now, but if pH or alkalinity is too low, or calcium levels are too high, problems arise. We include chemistry monitoring in our basic plans.
  3. cheap lasik eye surgery chicago, as well as Autumnal changes in outdoor plants, shrubs, and trees, create debris that winds up floating on the pool services and clogging up filters and drains. Our friendly weekly service provides more than just leaf skimming. We vacuüm the bottom of the pool, brush the side walls, and empty baskets, skimmers, pumps, and backwash filters.
  4. That increase in debris and change in weather, including unexpected fires or storms, can overwork filter systems. Overflow from baskets and missed skims will clog the system. Now is a vital time to have yourcheap lasik eye surgery collection;travelDestinations, if necessary. Our specialists can decide what your filter needs before it is an urgent problem. They can also decide if reducing the use of your filter during the cooler months is an option for your home.
  5. With the kids back in school and less swimming activities going on your pump needs reduce. Summer months a pump typically runs for 8 hours. In these lower use months, pump decreases to 4-6 hours can be possible. This will help lower energy bills. That said, we highly recommend discussing changes in pump use with one of our friendly pool specialists first. We want to make sure no other issues will occur while also partnering with you to find ways to save money.

What about commercial pools in the Fall Season?

Basic pool cleaning services are available for both residential and commercial pools. Whether you are a Woodland Hills homeowner, or the owner of apartment buildings, tract homes, motels and hotels, high schools, or gyms, we can help find the plan that is best for you all year round.

Basic Pool Cleaning Services for Fall Homeowners and Commercial Woodland Hills

What are you waiting for? Call now to discuss your best options with one of our pool specialists. We can help with your needs and help you revise your existing pool cleaning and maintenance plan for the season. Let’s talk about you and your Woodland Hills pool today.






Weekly Pool Cleaning Benefits

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Woodland Hills homeowners often ask about weekly pool cleaning benefits. Is it a necessary service? What are the benefits to weekly service? Is can you buy lasix at walmart going to offer improved swimming experiences, as well as a better looking pool? Is a weekly pool cleaning service excessive, or is it something my pool and family will benefit from?

Our short answer is a resounding YES. Here are a few reasons why.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Benefits Woodland Hills

5 Weekly Pool Cleaning Benefits for Woodland Hills Homeowners

  1. Debris from weather and seasonal changes collect in open water. Falling leaves float on the surface, as well as clippings from weekly backyard landscaping and maintenance. Because your pool is outdoors it is susceptible to anything the wind blow into it.
  2. Regular swimming contaminates pH balance and overall cleanliness. Lotions and sunscreens on skin, as well as accidents that young swimmers can have are top contributors. Because Woodland Hills can have hot weather, sweat can impact clean water when family and friends jump in to cool off.
  3. Proper proportions of chemicals need maintenance for safety. Imbalances can trigger allergies and skin irritations.
  4. Regular pump inspections are imperative, also filter and drain cleaning. This helps to avoid malfunctions and motor failure that lead to costly repairs. Issues with your pump are not easy to see, and busy people may forget to check if filters need cleaning or replacing.
  5. Clean looking water encourages family and friends to take a swim. Swimming is great exercise which benefits physical health, as well as emotional happiness. Everyone loves splashing in a clear and algae free pool. Also, a clean pool will help swimmers avoid where can i buy diuretic lasix.

Maintaining your own Woodland Hills pool take time and energy out of your life, as well as need some research and training. Most weekly pool cleaning benefits take 20 minutes. We can take the time and worry out of maintenance and give you a safe and inviting swimming pool for your family and friends to enjoy regularly.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Woodland Hills Families

We hope these 5 weekly pool cleaning benefits help answer if this service is for you. Woodland Hills homeowners health and well-being are important to us. A clean and healthy pool is what we offer.



Swimming Pool Water Maintenance Woodland HIlls CA

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Hot weather swimming pool water maintenance for Woodland Hills residentail and commercial pools. How to keep swimming water clean and safe during hot months. When things heat up outside pools get lots of extra use for folks wanting to beat the heat. Combining that with a few pool parties and the extra warm summer weather means stepping up the swimming pool cleaning and maintenance. Things like checking water chemnistry and changing filter run times are vital during this time.

Summer Swimming Pool Water Maintenance Woodland Hills

Hot Weather Swimming Pool Water Maintenance Woodland Hills

Between July and August make sure to run the filter at least an extra 2 hours daily. If a pool tends to lose its crystal blue look often during summer then make sure that the filter is running longer each day. This will keep the water from getting cloudy and give safer swimming conditions. Maintaining the pool weekly or bi-weekly like this during summer is a good idea. where can you buy lasix during summer is best especially in the warm summer Woodland Hills area where 100 degree days are common

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long work day in 100 degree heat to find the pool water has turned murky green. happens when the hot sun beams upon the pool for longer hours making the water chemistry change. One buy lasix cheap online task is to raise the chlorine levels. Put a few extra tabs in thew chlorinator or move the dial-up to properly support chlorine levels. In sme cases shocking the swimming pool water maintenance will keep algae and harmful bacteria from making the water murky.

Another reason Woodland Hills pool owners to do extra summer swimming pool water maintenance is because so many people are in and out of the water. Due to this there’s lots of oils and debris from around the deck entering the water too. Suntan lotion and body oils will soon create a ring around the pools edge. Imagine a giant dirty soap scum ring seen in a bathtub on a larger scale. Weekly of more often it’s best to scrub the pool walls and tiles above the waterline. This will prevent bad-looking buildup from appearing.


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Looking for some swimming pool party themes and great ideas for your next Woodland Hills backyard gathering? Summer time is the greatest time to host an event in the backyard out by the pool with family and friends. Instead of the same old same old why not use your imagination and try one of these ideas. Before you start make sure the where can i buy lasix in ukand all the equipment is in working order. If you need to schedule repairs or company can help with that in the Woodland Hills area.

With party supplies stores just around the corner and lots of ideas for different purchase lasix online and themes online picking a theme for your pool party is easy. Head over to the nearest shop and get some great ideas for the best theme for your gathering.

Woodland Hills Swimming Pool Party Themes

Woodland Hills Swimming Pool Party Themes

Popular themes like tropical Hawaiian style parties are alwas fun. Fire up the barbecue, put on the Hawaiian shirt, mix up some rum drinks and let the fun begin. Don’t forget to pick up the inflatable palm trees and other fun toys to float in the water for your guests to enjoy. A nice addition is also tiki torches and a bamboo bar.

Each year backyard swimming pool Movie parties are getting more popular. The ability to easily set up big screen TVs and inflatable screens makes it easy to watch a movie while floating in the pool. The only hard part is deciding on which movies everyone wants to watch! Make sure there’s enough inflatable lounges for people to enjoy the movie from the water and also seats and chairs for people on the deck. Even have a DJ between movies for multi feature parties to set the mood with some music. Of of course the food and snacks you serve can be reflective of the movie theme of the evening.

Remember before getting ready to decide who will attend to schedule a cleaning for your pool. Our company specializes in short notice one time cleanings for the Woodland Hills area.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance

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It’s getting warmer in Woodland Hills and here are some swimming pool maintenance tips to keep water clean and clear. When the weather heats folks like to spend time outside relaxing by the water. There’s nothing better than taking a dip in pools to cool off. With heavy activity around the water keep swimmers safe. This includes inspecting equipment and weekly maintenance.

The best thing to do when preparing for summer around swimming pools is having a weekly schedule. It’s vital to inspect water chemistry and equipment. Brushing walls and vacuuming debris from the bottom of the pool weekly, is also a must.

Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Woodland HIlls CA

Woodland Hills Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Another tip is keeping the deck and patio clean where dirt or debris ends up in the water. With so much activity your pump and filter get a workout and a clogged filter or broken pump will lead to expensive repairs. Also, health is an issue and having a purchase furosemide lasix. Certified aquatic technicians also keep chemicals balanced.

Another handy tip is to take a tennis ball and toss it into the water. What this does is absorb any suntan lotion or oils that folks have on their bodies released into the pool while swimming. It’s common for us to see many of our order lasix online cheap accounts with tennis balls in their swimming pools.

Summer Swimming Pool Servixce Woodland Hills CAAlthough not easy for some folks but keeping your dog out of the pool will also help with swimming pool maintenance. Keeping lots of pet hair out of the water prevents a clogged drain or filter. It is also not the best for your dog’s health being in the pool with all that chlorine. When the last tip is to have a pool cover. This keeps debris from Windy days out of the water and will save energy costs when it comes to heating your pool.

By following by following a few of these tips not only will you help extend the life of your pool but also help keep it cleaner and safer for swimming.  with a bit of effort and a regular weekly schedule for maintenance keeping your Woodland Hills pool clean is an easy thing to do.


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