Pool Acid Wash Woodland Hills

Pool Acid Wash Woodland HillsNeed an expert for your pool acid wash Woodland Hills? If you have tried and tried to get rid of stubborn plaster stains, algae deposits or cant seem to keep your water from turning green an acid wash will restore your pool’s look. This brings back that beautiful look to your water and makes plaster clean as can be again. An Acid Wash is also used when a pump has gone bad and has not circulated water for a long period of time. This leaves water sitting still and the longer it sits the more algae and mineral deposits will take over and start changing the water-color. This stains plaster walls, steps and pool bottom. At this point water turns a murky, cloudy green and at the same time staining of the plaster will occur. If caught early enough and you can still see the bottom a green pool cleaning in place of an acid washing will restore that clean new look without having to drain out all the water. If it’s beyond this state the entire acid wash process takes two days.  Our crew arrives in the afternoon to set the pump to start emptying out your pool’s water (We use small pumps that are quiet to minimize noise during the pump out.) We return the next morning once the water has been emptied to start the acid wash process.

Swimming Pool Acid Wash Woodland Hills

  • Restores green murky pools
  • Removes tough stains on plaster
  • Safe on Pebble Tec
  • Gets rid of algae build up

Swimming Pool Acid Washing Woodland HillsIt’s important to remember when doing an acid wash your taking a layer away of the pool plaster. This process should not be done regularly unless you have pebble tec. With pool’s that have a pebble tec set up because pebble tec is much harder and resilient it can be washed more often without damage. Acid washing works perfect for getting rid of algae but if done to often shortens the life span of your plaster. Every now and then an acid wash is fine but should not be used as a regular cleaning method. For more info on restoring your backyard paradise give one of our friendly aquatic technicians a call. We will answer any questions or concerns and fully explain your options. We are here to lend a helping hand and will provide the best solution for your cleaning needs. We have serviced residential homes and commercial business with trusted pool services for over 20 years. With new water and an acid wash feel safe knowing your Woodland Hills pool will provide a whole summer of algae free-swimming.

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