About Us

Pool-Cleaners-Woodland-HillsNeed pool cleaners Woodland Hills? Our team of swimming pool technicians help residents and business owners maintain pools and spas with affordable maintenance packages. We are a leaders in the community with affordable rates combined with the best quality services. We pride ourselves on being straight forward and trustworthy. Our goal is simple. Maintaining pools and spas at affordable rates. keep you as a satisfied client for years to come. We want to be the best pool cleaning company with weekly, bi monthly as well as one time custom cleaning solutions at affordable rates. For commercial cleaning our cleaners are experts at bi weekly and daily maintenance for clients see a higher than normal volume in the water. Safety is always paramount and regular testing of your water chemistry will keep your commercial pool or spa not only safe but clean at all times. We are also available to help with any needed repairs or installations of equipment like heaters, timers and motors. As pool cleaners in Woodland Hills we maintain pools in some of the most dramatic temperature changes in Los Angeles County. WH holds the record for the hottest temperature in the county at 119 degrees in 2006? Hot or cold our cleaners and technicians will keep you swimming and enjoying your beautiful clean water in any climate.

Pool Cleaners Woodland Hills

  • Weekly cleaning
  • Daily, Bi Weekly and Monthly
  • Regular spa maintenance
  • Water quality testing
  • Pool Equipment Inspections
  • Leak detection and prevention
  • Tile and coping replacement
  • Deck and plastering repairs

Having our cleaners regularly inspect your pools equipment like heaters, motors, skimmers and filters prevents any unnecessary repairs in the future. In the long run this will end up saving you time and money. In the event you need a repair or replacement of any of your pools parts we are well-trained at repairing all makes and models of various pool equipment. By having a company with all the proper equipment, tools and experience needed to maintain your refreshing water investment allows you to focus on more important things. Our water technicians and cleaners use the latest cleaning tools and environmentally friendly products to keep your swimming clean and safe. We respect the planet and always practice green cleaning methods to ensure a no impact on the environment service

Feel free to contact us using the form below with any questions you have about our services. Our expert cleaners are here to help 7 days a week. We are local natives to the San Fernando Valley are with a motto of treating our clients and customers as friends and family.