Pool Leak Detection Woodland Hills

Pool Leak Detection Woodland HillsNeed a professional for pool leak detection Woodland Hills? Our experts will thoroughly test and inspect your entire water system to pinpoint your leak.  Once detected our certified technicians will fix your water loss problem fast. We use various methods to find your water loss issue that include dye testing, electronic detection and also hydro-static testing to find any leaks in the plumbing system that connects to your pool. Once detected our team will perform any repairs needed to get you swimming in that sparkling blue water once again. By just having a small leak this one leak alone can cause massive increases in your water bills. Reports and studies show that one out of every five swimming pools has a water leak  and if left untreated for a long time that little leak can turn into a big problem. Just a tiny leak in your swimming pool’s plumbing system can end up losing you up to 1000 gallons of water each and every day. If you add that up by the month and by the year believe it or not it is like refilling your pool more than 12 separate times.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

  • Pump leak testing
  • Plumbing pressure tests
  • Dye leak detection
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Commercial leak detentions
  • Residential leak detection

Leak Detection Woddland Hills CAFor over two decades we have been maintaining swimming pools in the San Fernando Valley and that includes hundreds of leak detection as well. Our aquatic technicians are certified to make any repairs and fixes for your equipment and that also includes your leaks too. There could be various issues that are causing your leak. A faulty pool pump that needs repairing many times is responsible for your water loss. If you notice wet areas around your equipment this could be the culprit. Also a leak in your plumbing system that supplies the water could be the issue. If you can feel soft spots while walking around the deck this may be the problem. No matter the issue one of the first things to do if you think you have a pool water leak is perform what is called a bucket test. This involves filling a bucket with water one inch from the top. Put the bucket on the first or second step. Mark the water levels on both the outside and inside of the bucket with tape. By letting the bucket sit for 24 hours and then checking water level drops below the marked tape will determine if you have a leak problem. It’s normal for evaporation to lower the water in the bucket and if the levels drop further on the outside tape mark then it’s time to call us for a leak detection.

No matter where the leak is coming from we’ll find it and fix it fast for you. We will perform a dye test to identify structural leaks or a hydro-static test to identify plumbing leaks and even use a high tech electronic leak analysis device to find the area or areas you’re losing water. After your leak has been located, we can make the necessary repairs to get you back to enjoying your pool again and that’s our promise to you.