Pool Motor Replacement

Pool Motor Replacement Woodland HillsIf its been a few years and you’re in need of a pool motor replacement and you’re in the Woodland Hills area we’re here to lend a helping hand. Besides having 20 plus years of experience maintaining swimming pools we are also certified by Los Angeles county to replace aging motors and pumps. With our certified technicians handling the replacement of your motor you can even save up to $1,000 with DWP rebates. We tend to see motors lasting about 8 years when used on a regular basis. If you can’t recall the last time you replaced your motor then it’s time to do an upgrade or new motor replacement.  because seals and gaskets wear out over time it’s best to have a weekly maintenance plan in place so your equipment gets regularly checked for any potential issues than can be avoided. One common mistake owners make is replacing their older motor with a more powerful unit. In some cases the pump and motor are too much for the current set  up and the piping could be come damaged. Our technicians are trained to install new motors and will make sure the motor model you choose is perfectly matched to make sure your water is pumped efficiently. Your  motor is the life blood of the entire system. The more efficient your motor runs the more you can save on operating costs. This will translate into a large savings especially when using the DWP rebate when upgrading single speed units to a variable speed pump and motor.

Pool Motor Replacement Woodland Hills

We are available to answer any questions about installing are replacing your pool motor. All of our service trucks are fully stocked with the proper tools needed to get your motor running again and you back in the water swimming safe again. We also provide expert weekly maintenance and equipment repairs for bot residential homes and commercial businesses. If you have yet to do so please like our Facebook page and Follow our tweets on twitter. We often make available special discounts to those who like and follow us to help save you even more money on your motor replacement.