Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Questions

How do you know when it’s time for a swimming pool pump replacement? Many times this question gets asked by our clients on our weekly pool cleaning routes. Perhaps a better question would be should I repair my old pump or should I replace it with a new one?

Swimming pools that are still using old one-speed pumps that have passed their warranty date are prime candidates for a pool pump upgrade. Swapping out your old pump to a smart variable speed pool pump would be the best.

Swimming Pool Pump Replacement

Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Woodland Hills

Single-family homes in Woodland Hills check this out. DWP is offering $1,000 rebates when upgrading to a variable speed pool pump. To qualify a picture of your old pump needs taken and a certified aquatic technician buys, installs and programs the pump. The pump will run in off-peak hours and operates at slower speeds saving lots of energy and cash.

If you think your pump only needs a repair it’s best to speak with a professional first who can troubleshoot the unit.

When to replace a pool pump?

1. If local laws mandate the use of an energy-saving model pool pump.

2. When looking to cut down on your energy bill by installing a multi-speed pump.

3. If parts of your pump are no longer available to buy.

4. If the new parts to fix your pump cost more than purchasing a new pump.

A swimming pool has many parts that need to run correctly to keep water clean and swim-safe. The pump keeps water circulating and clean. Once it fails it only takes a couple of days for the water to become unsafe for swimmers. This is one reason why it’s a good idea to have a regular maintenance schedule each week.

Woodland Hills Pool Pump Repairs

For homeowners in the Woodland Hills area that need help with a swimming pool pump replacement call us today.