Swimming Pool Repair

Pool Repairs in Woodland HillsWe are experts at pool repair. If its time to inspect those cracks in and around your deck or check your equipment we can help. Did you know that some repairs are done without having to empty and drain the water? If you have noticed your water levels drop or have heard odd sounds coming from your pump or heater then have it looked at and inspected. Sometimes its best to hire a professional water technician that’s able to diagnose problems and quickly offer options to remedy the issue to get you back in the water. An expert should always look at any faulty pump or heating systems. These at times are expensive repairs. With all the greenery and trees filters can get overloaded quick with leaves and debris. We know our way around all types of filters, heaters and pumps. There’s not much we have not seen in our 20+ years experience of cleaning pools.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Before repairs the first thing to do is have the pool equipment inspected. And before we inspect its always a good idea to check your heaters operation manual. Gas fired swimming pool heater systems are popular because of energy efficiency but often need repairing. When sourcing your problem we thoroughly check the heater and pump system to determine issues before any repairs. Believe it or not just trying to pinpoint repairs with your equipment can be a tough task.

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